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Hotel Duga Resa

Welcome, visit us!

Our Ceremonial Hall

for all your celebrations, seminars, business and family special occasions

Modern decorated rooms

At disposal we have 16 single or double bedded rooms

Catering of the highest quality

Enjoy the superb domestic food

Our Exclusive Offer

"Vila Vina"...accommodation in the heart of nature along the river Mrežnica

Deals and offers

We offer you much more

Hotel & Restaurant


Modern restaurant with working hours from 6:00 to 1 a.m. (for rooms from 00.00 to 24.00h) each day. With the great selection of grilled dishes, made ​​to order from the bread oven. We are especially proud on our pizza oven that is constantly working for 20 years. We offer you also an extensive wine list with wines from different manufacturers, but also our home made wines.

Exclusive Vines list


In particular, we are very proud of our wine cellars and the wines themselves. We offer many varieties of wines, which are exhibited at various competitions in which they won the highest awards of expert assessors. We are working hard every year to improve our production and increase our gastronomic offer ...

It' Time to relax


In our hotel we have 16 rooms of which 15 are double bedded and one single bedded room. Accommodation includes:

  • Free Internet access
  • Room service
  • Daily magazines
  • Prking space
  • Possibility to rent cars and bicycles ...

Ceremonial Hall

For all possible occasions

The Hall is primarily intended for your:

  • Weddings
  • Seminars
  • Presentations
  • Birthdays
  • ...and other festive occasions

Capacity up to 300 people. The hall will certainly stay for long time in your memory after a celebration finish. So don't wait, call us to book.


Near the town of Karlovac, in the
center of Duga Resa city

You can find Hotel Duga Resa at the North-Western entrance to the Duga Resa city.

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A brief history of the hotel.
How we started ?

We have started back in the 1991st as Pizzeria "Lotos", and in 1996 the building expanded to the Hotel "Duga Resa."

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Vila vina

The facility is located on the banks
of the river Mrežnica.

Enjoy the magic of nature with the most beautiful river Mrežnica and a wealth of local specialties from our gastronomic offer.

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Enjoy the traditional homemade

If you are looking for a traditional domestic kitchen you're at the right place.

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